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Safety & Emission Inspection in Salt Lake City

Safety, Emissions & Car Registration in Salt Lake City

The state of Utah uses a schedule for safety inspection requirements for cars, trucks and on-highway motorcycles. Vehicles with model years four, eight, and ten years old require a safety inspection. Any vehicle over ten years old and older must pass safety inspections every year. Use the chart below to see your vehicle needs an inspection! When House Bill 265 takes effect on January 1, 2018, Utah auto owners will no longer be subject to mandatory vehicle safety inspections as part of their annual registration renewal although emissions are still require.

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2017 Safety Inspection Requirements
 Vehicle Model Year
 Safety Inspection
2017- 2014Not Required
2013 Required in 2017
2012 - 2010 Not Required
2009Required in 2017
2008 Not required
2007 and older
 Required in 2017
A safety inspection may be made within two months prior to the renewal of the registration. At time of the inspection you will need to provide your current registration. If repair work is required for the inspection you may have anyone of your choice do it. If you get your vehicle repaired within 15 days, the inspection station is required to recheck the vehicle at no additional cost.

Emission Inspections
All vehicles registered in Davis, Salt lake, Utah and Weber counties with model years less than six years old are required to have an emission test once every two years. Vehicles in this category that have even-numbered model years must have an emission test in even-numbered years, and vehicles that have odd-numbered model years must have an emission test in odd-numbered years. vehicles less than two years old, based up on the model year, are exempt from the requirement to obtain an emissions inspection.

2017 Emission Inspection Requirements
 Vehicle Model Year
 Emission Inspection
2017 Not Required
2016 Not Required
2015 Required in 2017
2014Not Required
2013 Required in 2017
 Not Required
2011 to 1968
 Required in 2017
1967 and Older
 Not Required

An emission inspection may be made no more than two months prior to the renewal of the registration. The emission certificate must be submitted to the appropriate Motor Vehicle office as a condition of registration.

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