Costco Member-Only Car Deals

If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you can now buy one through the Costco Auto Program at Super Ford Salt Lake City. Larry H. Miller Super Ford has partnered with Costco to offer discounts on purchases, parts, service, and accessories to all Costco members.

Why Purchase a Vehicle Through Super Ford Costco Auto Program?

  • Easy vehicle buying experience
  • Low pricing on all Ford Models
  • Full member support before, during and after purchase
  • 15% off parts, service, and accessories

Ready to Get Started?

We guarantee all Costco members a streamlined experience, value, and satisfaction. Fill out the form or call us to schedule a test drive today. Our certified Costco Rep at Larry H. Miller Super Ford will contact you to set up a convenient time for you as well as help you with choosing the vehicle that suits your needs.


Your Super Ford Costco Representatives

Director: David Hazell

Salesmen: Will Shields, Paul Montano, Jordan Vigos, Philip Houpt, Nic Kian, Nick Meunier & Jordan Nebeker

Phone: (888) 380-4756

Costco Auto Program Inquiry