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  • Dave Hazell
    Internet Sales Manager

    Dave Hazell is the internet sales manager and co-host of Super Ford TV here at Larry H Miller Super Ford in Salt Lake City Utah. Dave moved from his native country England in 2005 to marry his fiancé and now wife Meaghan with whom he has two amazing kids Kylie and Finley.

    After moving here in 2005, Dave quickly began his career in the Automotive industry at Larry H Miller Ford Lincoln of Sandy in June of that year. Dave immediately applied his British charm and his core belief of honesty and integrity into his sales, winning many awards and accolades along the way. One of his personal favorites was his recognition in Lincoln sales becoming the Lincoln brand ambassador for the Utah market. In 2014 Dave made the switch to the Ford store in Salt Lake City and within a week he was made the Internet Sales Manager. His desire to be the best and his beliefs to do it the right way has made Dave an integral part of our team and a valued friend and college to his sales team.

    Outside of work, Dave is a family man. Living in Herriman with his wife Meaghan, Girl Kylie and Boy Finley who he says keeps him busy. Dave would like to say he's an outdoors guy but truth be told he's more of an in-house guy. Dave is an avid gamer in both computer console (Playstation) and in the board game variety with his friends. He's also a self-proclaimed nerd and won't hesitate to share his love of superheroes, Sci-fi, and conspiracy theories. Dave is also a huge football (soccer) fan so if he asks who your team is Arsenal would be the correct answer.

    Interesting facts

    Favorite Movies = Zulu with Michael Cain, Jurassic Park, and Shawshank Redemption

    Favorite Book = Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

    Favorite TV Show = Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and an old English Comedy called Dads Army

    Favorite Food = Steak, Fish n Chips, and Dr. Pepper

    Favorite Car = Aston Martin Vanquish

    Favorite Vacation Spot = Disneyland, world or cruise 

  • Phillip Houpt

    Philip Houpt is the oldest of 7 children. Though his family moved frequently due to his father's work with the FBI, they finally settled in Las Cruces, New Mexico when he was 9 years old. At 15 he met his wife, Brekke, while attending Las Cruces High School, and they have been in love ever since. After Philip served a two year religious mission in France for the LDS Church they were married, and they now live in Eagle Mountain, Utah with their daughter, Arwen, and two sons, Schaeffer and Anders.


    Philip graduated with a Degree in French and Arabic from Brigham Young University with plans to follow his father into the FBI, but his passion for cars eventually won out. He started in the car business  here at Larry H. Miller Super Ford in January of 2012, and he hasn't looked back. His love of cars, general laid back demeanor, and a genuine concern for people are what have made him successful. Because he particularly enjoys all things that go fast, he has come to be known as the "performance guy" here at the dealership. He has owned several performance vehicles including a Nissan 300ZX turbo and a 2010 Roush-supercharged Mustang GT. His currently drives a 2011 Mustang 5.0.


    Outside of fast cars Philip enjoys playing and watching sports. His preference is basketball, having played it competitively through High School, and though he loves watching the Jazz, his love of basketball began in Florida, so he is a Miami Heat fan at heart. Having spent 10 years working for Blockbuster Video he also loves movies, with Sci-fi, thrillers, and comedies being his go-tos. He loves a wide range of music. You can catch him listening to everything from classical to hip hop depending on his mood. With all he enjoys doing though, he is happiest when doing them with his family who he will tell you are the reason and motivation for all that he does.


    Interesting Facts


    Favorite Movies - The Dark Knight, What Dreams May Come, anything with Will Ferrell


    Favorite Books - Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


    Favorite TV Shows - X-files, 30 Rock, Arrested Development


    Favorite Food - Mexican food like they make it in southern New Mexico


    Favorite Car - 2012 Boss 302 Mustang (but the new GT500 is coming)


  • Will Shields

    Will Shields is one of the most tenured salespeople here at Larry H Miller Super Ford in Salt Lake City Utah and part of the Super Ford TV team. Will is also proud to call himself a retired veteran serving 20+ years for his country in the US Navy specializing in engineering. Will is also married to his beautiful wife Alyssia who he shares a home within Taylorsville along with his two dogs Chakotay and Foxxy both of which they rescued.

    Will began his career in the automotive industry in December of 2006 at this very dealership where he has remained. In the 10 plus years of working at Super Ford Will has achieved many levels of success. Selling limited production Shelby to taking salesman of the month awards. Wills greatest achievement though has been his recognition in customer survey responses, receiving awards from Ford Motor Company for his work with his client base. This is evident with customers continuing to come back to him for second, third and so on purchases. Will believe this success is because of his belief to treat the customer how you would like to be treated. "Sometimes it's good to be sat on the other side of the desk every now and then"

    Away from the dealership, Will is no different than when he is at the dealership. His geeky personality which you will see if you meet him pours into all aspects of life. He loves Sci-fi and fantasy shows and will gladly call himself a Trekkie (Star Trek) and a Whovian (Dr. Who).  If we don't work him too hard he will find a way to the FanX show here in Utah to mingle with his peeps. Will also enjoys time with his wife Alyssia exploring new places and camping whenever weather or time permits. Both Will and Alyssia believe in the importance of relationship and while he will be happy to answer your calls and emails on his day off he does pride himself of leaving work at work and working on what counts the most, family.

    Favorite Book: Anything Stephen King, Dean Koontz or John Grisham

    Favorite TV Show: Star Trek, Dr. Who and Supernatural

    Favorite Food: Italian


  • Brad Fisher

    Brad Fisher

    Brad Fisher is an Internet salesperson and part of the Super Ford TV team here at Larry H. Miller Super Ford in Salt Lake City. Brad was born here in Salt Lake and has never really left the valley. Attending school at Highland High and later graduating from the University of Utah, with Master's degree in Public Administration and a degree in marketing. Brad currently lives in Cottonwood Heights with his wife of 35 years Lois. He has four children three girls and one boy who have all left the nest to start little broods of their own, which has led to six Grandchildren.

    Brad began his venture into the auto industry in 2009 leaving behind a well-respected and tenured career in the healthcare field. Like other members of the Super Ford TV team, Brad has only worked here at Larry Miller Super Ford. Over the past years, Brad has dedicated himself to customer satisfaction and repeat business. Brad believes that many sales representatives fall into the trap of defying success based on how many vehicles you sell instead of by how many customers come back. He would attribute this to his greatest accomplishments in the auto industry and that is his consistency for glowing customer reviews.

    At home, Brad enjoys spending time with the people that matter the most to him his family. Whether it is celebrating a birthday, a seasonal holiday or just gathering together, Brad always enjoys the feeling of family togetherness. He is also an excellent singer and has sung in several groups around Utah, often with his wife. He claims to be a tried a true Baritone but can sing bass or tenor. He also likes to do genealogy often spending his time off scouting cemeteries here in Utah for distant relatives.