Benefits of Leasing a Ford at Larry H. Miller Super Ford

Ford Red Carpet Leases provide flexible lease terms and mileage options (ranging from 10,500 to 19,500 miles per year) to fit every need and lifestyle. Red Carpet Lease also provides Gap Protection Benefits for added piece of mind. If you still not sure if leasing is right for you or your family, we have provided some additional benefits to leasing a new Ford car, truck or SUV in Salt Lake City.

LOWER PAYMENTS with little to no money down

Leasing allows the flexibility to get into the larger SUV or truck (or higher trim level) you want with lower monthly payments than purchasing the same vehicle. The monthly payment difference between a retail and lease payment for a SUV or truck is $120-$179/month.


With a lease you can easily upgrade to a new vehicle more often. This allows you to keep up with the fast development of new technologies and safety features.


Your residual value is locked in at the beginning of your lease, market changes and model re-designs do not influence the residual at the end of the lease.


Typically, you are covered by Ford's Manufacturer Warranty throughout the term of your lease (unless you exceed the time and/or miles of the warranty). Lease terms generally stay within the set time frame the warranty covers, you'll just need to watch those miles.


You only pay sales tax on the amount you pay during the term of your lease, you don't pay tax on the residual percentage. With purchases, you pay sales tax on the full price of the vehicle.


At the end of your lease you have the option to return your lease, purchase your leased vehicle for the predetermined residual value, or trade-in/ sell your leased vehicle.


Red Carpet Lease protects you by waiving the gap between your insurance payoff and your outstanding lease balance if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair. With gap protection, you’re responsible for only the insurance deductible and any outstanding charges (e.g., past-due payments) at the time of the incident. See your lease agreement for all details.


APP lets you satisfy all monthly lease payments up front with a single payment that is usually less than what the total of monthly payments would otherwise have been, potentially saving you both time and money. If applicable, a final invoice is sent for any remaining charges (e.g., Excess Wear and Use, excess mileage) at lease-end.

At Larry H. Miller Super Ford we are looking forward to helping you with your next lease. If you have any questions or want to learn more about your lease options, you can call us at 888-380-4756 or fill out the form below.

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