Buy Your Next Car Online at Super Ford

The Next Generation of Car Buying is Here!

We all know how the internet has changed the way we shop for cars, no more long days in the dreaded summer heat or winter blizzards searching car lots for that perfect car, truck or SUV. We have been able to customize our shopping experience online; we know what we want and where it is before ever having to step into a dealership. But did you know that you can now customize your car BUYING experience by buying online? Purchase your next vehicle from the comfort of YOUR home on YOUR terms!

You've Chosen Your Next Vehicle

After deciding on your next vehicle, you can choose to "Shop Online" or "Design Deal". Both options have the same steps, but in a slightly different order.


Choose Extras and protection package

Add a maintenance package, optional accessories, popular products and protection packages to your deal. You will also be given the option to have your vehicle delivered! No dealership visits necessary.


Trade-In information

Add your Trade-In information and get a value for your trade. This value will be calculated into your deal.


Here you can design your deal. Choose between finance, lease or cash and customize the amount down, term, and monthly payment.

Billing & Income

Billing and Income

After personalizing your payment, you will need to fill out your billing, income and credit information.

Review & Submit

 Review Order

Last, you will be able to review your deal. Look over all your added options and make any last adjustments, then submit your deal.

Finalize Deal:

We will be contacting you shortly to finalize any last details and arrange pick up or delivery of your vehicle.

If you have any questions, or run into a snag along the way, don't hesitate to give us a call at 888-380-4756.