Adaptive Cruise Control
By The English Car Guy Dave Hazell

Give your foot the rest it deserves because Adaptive Cruise Control will help keep a constant speed without having to work the brake or accelerator pedals, ideal for trips anywhere in Utah.
Plus, it also automatically maintains a pre-set distance (or gap) from the vehicle ahead, based on your preferred selected gap. Using advance radar technology, the system will monitor traffic ahead to scan for slower moving vehicles or as I call them Sunday drivers.
The system will do two things
First it will slow your vehicle to adapt to current traffic conditions and maintain that pre-set distance between you and the vehicle in front.
Second, once traffic clears the system will automatically return to the speed set with cruise control originally.
I've used this system a few times now on trips from Salt Lake City to St. George, and while it doesn't slow for police check points, it does slow as suggested which makes driving a Ford a thing of comfort. I also like the gap distance feature especially when traffic is busy but flowing well as it will adapt for those Utah drivers that think a stopping distance between cars is a welcome spot for their vehicle. Below I have listed out those 4 gap distances that you can select. As always if you have a question please email me at

 Graphic Display Following Distance Following Distance at 62 mph Dynamic Behavior
 1 Bar
 1 Second 31 yards Sporty
 2 Bar 1.4 Seconds 43 Yards Normal
 3 Bar 1.8 Seconds 55 Yards Normal
 4 Bar
 2.2 Seconds 67 Yards Comfort

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