BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross Traffic Alert
By The English Car Guy Dave Hazell

If you drive on Utah roads regularly this is a feature you will truly appreciate. So many times I've been driving down I-15 and either want to get out and around a slow moving vehicle or create a space for a merging vehicle coming off the on ramp. My task is made so much harder by the stereotypical Utah driver that likes to hover or sit in my blind spot. Chances are that you have experienced this too and maybe you've been on the other end when a car has merged out into your path while you've been in their blind spot.
Well this system helps with that and as more Fords become equipped standard with this feature I am hoping less accidents will be happening on our Utah roads.
So here's how BLIS works. On both the driver and the passenger side mirror you will find a small icon showing two cars and a circle between them. BLIS alerts the driver with an illuminating light in the corresponding mirror in that small circle. The circle on some BLIS equipped vehicles will blink rapidly if someone is in your blind spot and your blinker is on. BLIS operates in D (Drive) S (Sport) or N (Neutral) and if the car is going faster than 3mph. The system can be turned off, but will always revert to on with every key cycle. If the vehicle is placed into reverse the BLIS is disabled and Cross Traffic Alert is engaged.
Cross traffic Alert (CTA) is a system that is worth every penny. Using those same sensors and warnings the vehicle will detect traffic approaching from the sides when the vehicle is in reverse, such as backing out of a parking space. (The light will illuminate on the corresponding side and also give an audible tone)
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