So you want to know what your car or truck is worth?

We would love to help! At Larry H. Miller Super Ford, we want you to feel comfortable and have a full understanding of the trade-in process that you will experience with us.

Whether you are just looking for a trade-in value, estimate on your current vehicle, or if you are ready to trade your current vehicle in for something new, we are here to assist with your individual needs. Below you will find videos, tips and frequently asked questions from customers just like you.

You will also find an online tool that will give you a rough estimate on your trade value (access trade tool by Clicking Here). As always we do recommend visiting the store to get a written offer from us to purchase your current vehicle. This written offer is good for 7 days, providing you with peace of mind while evaluating your options.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a trade-in appraisal, please call us at (833) 888-7388 or contact us via the form below. Thank you.

How to get the most for your trade

How to get the MOST for your Trade

Video & Info

Trade In Process from Home

Trade Process from Home

Video & Info

Private Party vs. Trade

Trade vs. Selling Privately

Video & Info

How we determine a trade value

How We Determine a Value

Video & Info

Trade Process at Super Ford

Trade Process at the Store

Video & Info

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