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Government and Municipalities

Are you a Municipality, a State or Federal Agency looking for a New Ford Truck or SUV?

If so, we have government portfolio managers with expertise in addressing your specific needs. From an individual vehicle to a fleet of cars, SUVs and trucks, we have the experience and knowledge to get you what you want and need in a way that’s convenient and simple. Our government and municipality experts can help guide, direct and navigate you through the often strict and confusing requirements of acquiring a purchasing vehicles for your Agency or City.

Ford and LHM Truckland offer special pricing, rebates and incentives that are only available for cities and government agencies, so begin your search or have us bid to get the most out of your funding.

For more information, call our government portfolio managers at (801) 590-4578.

Currently serving the following Utah cities of Salt Lake City, Draper, West Valley, Bountiful, American Fork, Provo, Park City, Ogden and Tooele.

State and Local Government Sales Program

Ford Motor Company's State and Local Government Sales Program is designed to provide discounted vehicle pricing to eligible state and local governmental agencies. Our exclusive pricing allows a government agency to be eligible for either a Government Price Concession (GPC) OR a fleet incentive on any vehicles purchased.

Ford Motor Company understands the diverse needs of government agencies and is proud to offer a full line of Fleet vehicles. From our complete selection of law enforcement vehicles to the most comprehensive truck line in the industry, Ford Motor Company will help you get the job done.

FIN Code Eligibility Requirements

Vehicle Documentation Criteria

The following lists the Government state and local FIN eligibility requirements for most agencies.

• Registered or leased one or more new vehicles (includes first P.O.) for use in their operation (any make or model) during the current or preceding calendar or model years, or preceding twelve-months
• Currently operating a fleet in the United States of three or more vehicles (owned or leased)
• Eligible to purchase vehicles off of a state contract

To learn more about becoming a Ford Fleet Customer and obtaining a FIN Code, please visit our eligibility requirements page.

If your agency currently has a Ford Fleet FIN Code and would like access to the Ford Fleet Website, please visit our Website Registration page