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Tax Deductions

How To Get a Tax Deduction for Purchasing a Ford Vehicle for Your Business from Super Ford Salt Lake City

Did you know that the Ford truck you bought for your business can be written off? Maximize your savings on F-350s through F-750s with the Section 179 business tax deduction. There's still time to save! Continue reading for more information.

What is Section 179?

Section 179 is an IRS tax code which allows businesses to deduct the full purchase of qualifying equipment like work vehicles. Some "heavy" SUVs, pickup trucks and vans used over 50% for business purposes are eligible for the first-year Section 179 depreciation write-off in the year they are first put to business use.

Why Section 179 Deduction is Good for Your Business

One of the advantages of Section 179 is that it reduces taxable income. Depreciation is normally deducted as an expense to the business over the life of the vehicle. Here is where depreciation spreads the expense of owning a work vehicle over the life of the asset. Starting in 2018, businesses were able to write off up to $1,000,000 worth of purchases in their 2018 IRS tax returns. Here are general IRS guidelines for using the Section 179 Deduction for vehicle purchases.

What Vehicles Qualify for the Full Section 179 Deduction?

SUVs, trucks and vans, and other vehicles that do not qualify as passenger vehicles are not subject to the IRS limits. You can take a full depreciation deduction each year. When you use bonus depreciation and/or section 179, you may be able to deduct all or most of the cost of such a vehicle in a single year.

Section 179 Vehicle Deduction List for 2018 Tax Year

Types of VehiclesSection 179 Limitation
Passenger Trucks & Vans$11,560
SUVs (between 6,000-14,000 lbs)$25,000

Ready to Get a Tax Deduction for a Ford Work Vehicle?

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Disclaimer: Consult with a tax professional on accurate deductions for your tax write-offs.

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