If We Don't Have It, We Can Order It

Custom Order Your New Ford With No Money Down OR We Will Match $1,000 Of Your Down Payment!

Don't See What You Are Looking For?

Here at Larry H. Miller Super Ford we know that its not always possible to have the exact Make, Model and Trim available when you are shopping. However, The Larry H. Miller Group has an extensive selection of new and used inventory at our disposal which makes finding the exact vehicle you are looking for quick and easy. If not available within the group, we can always order what you are looking for.

Our Ford specialists are here to help facilitate any request that you have and help you understand your options.

Online Ordering FAQs

Can I Order Other Vehicle's Other Than What's Shown on this Page?

Yes, if there is a particular new you want that we don't currently have, you can order it here at Larry H. Miler Super Ford Salt Lake City. Contact us using our free order form and let us know what type of car you had in mind. You can place an order with no money down, if you qualify.

How do I Order a New Vehicle?

Use our custom order form to submit a request for a new car. We will need your name, points of contact, and current zip code to help us reach out to you. You can provide us with the year, make, and model of the car you want. If there are any other specs you can come up with, to help us with the search, let us know.

How Long Will it Take to Have my Vehicle Delivered?

Delivery times depend on the model and configuration, as well as its current demand and available units. We will make every effort we can to expedite your order.

Is there an Extra Cost for Ordering a Vehicle?

No, there is no extra charge for custom orders. The final sales price can be negotiated between you and your sales representative.

Is My Ordered Vehicle Eligible for Ford Incentives?

If the vehicle you order is a new Ford, it will likely be eligible for factory-backed incentives. However, some specials might not be available at the time you place your order, so keep that in mind.

How Can I Arrange Financing or Leasing for my Ordered Vehicle?

After you place your order, you can contact our finance center team or visit us in-person to work out the details of your payment plan.

Once my Vehicle is Ordered, How Can I Track it?

If you order a new Ford, you can track it online via the Ford brand's online tracking system. You will need the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) which is assigned to every new car.

Where Can I Find the VIN to Track my Vehicle?

The VIN can be provided by a sales representative when your order is confirmed.

How will I be Notified When the Vehicle is Delivered?

As we receive details about your vehicle, including when it's in transit and when it arrives, we will contact you to keep you informed. When the vehicle arrives, we will contact you immediately to set up a test drive and to finalize your deal in-person here in Salt Lake City, UT.


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