Pairing an Apple I-phone to a 2018 Ford with Sync 3

Here is a step by step process to pair your Apple I-Phone to a Sync 3 system found in a Ford.
1. (Screen) Press the Phone icon. 3rd icon from the left.
2. (Screen) Press the Add Phone box.
3. (Phone) Click on Settings
4. (Phone) Click on Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
5. (Phone) Click on the name of the vehicle once it has been discovered.
6. (Phone and Truck) Confirm Pin. Click Pair on phone and Press Yes on the Screen.
7. (Phone) Allow Contacts and Favorites. Click Allow
8. (Truck) Slide 911 Assist on
9. (Truck) Slide Favorite on (Unless not the main user of the vehicles phone)
10. (Truck) Press Finish.
Congratulations you are all done if you have questions please feel free to contact me at or comment I the comment section.
As always have a wonderful day.


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