Hands-Free Foot-Activated Power Lift Gate

This feature is perfect for traditional Utah families. What I mean by that is someone who has their hands full with kids, groceries and sport equipment case in point my lovely wife.

Currently I have a Ford Explorer, which has this feature. I also have a nine year old who needs to be picked up and dropped off at dance and a two year old who has a Houdini like quality of trying to constantly disappear from his parent's sight. I also work in a profession where my time is spent at the dealership so my wife has to do many of the grocery runs by herself. Therefore, her hands are often full and it can make it difficult to put items in and out of boot (Trunk).

The Hands-free Foot activated Power Lift gate solves that problem and here is how.

1.       Have the Intelligent Access key within a 3-foot range of the lift gate, like in a purse or pocket.

2.        Raise and lower your leg, moving your foot toward and under, then away from the bumper (similar to a kicking motion). Sensor detect kicking motion.

3.       Lift gate opens or closes

4.       Upon activation, a chime sounds and the taillamps flash to provide awareness of the lift gate opening and indication that it is time to step back.

This allows you to still be holding your toddlers hand and groceries in the other hand.

As always, I hope this article helped answer some questions that you have. Should you have other questions or would like to test it out for yourself please feel free to email me at Superfordtv@gmail.com


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