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How to get the most for your trade?

This is a question that you probably weren't expecting a dealership to answer, but here at Larry H. Miller Super Ford in Salt Lake City, we understand that knowledge is power and we want you to feel empowered when working with a Super Ford TV member. Down below you can find some tips on how to get more for your vehicle.

Clean it

Would you purchase a dirty vehicle? Probably not and you are not alone. If the vehicle is dirty, the dealership will have to put a cost to the vehicle to make it front line ready. That recondition cost is charged against the vehicle. Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep that cost as low as possible.

Make it smell good

Remember, a real person will evaluate your vehicle and you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Studies have shown that smell is a major factor when it comes to opinion and you want the Used Car Manager to have a great opinion of your vehicle. So investing a few bucks in a simple air freshener, may increase your trade-in value by hundreds.

Fix It

You don't actually need to fix it, but at least know what the fix is, how much it will cost, and bring documentation that itemizing its cost. The check engine light can mean anything from a simple fuse replacement to a head gasket needing replaced, so remember that the dealership may think of the worst possible case. The cost to fix the issue will then be charged against the value of the vehicle. Don't let the dealership guess - it rarely works out in your favor.

Be a Salesman

Walk out with your Super Ford TV member and show them why your vehicle is worth more. Talk about the new tires and brakes. Show them your service history and show them the features you love and think the next person will love too.

Come prepared

Know the current market value of your vehicle by visiting online websites like KBB, NADA and third party sales like Autotrader and KSL. This will help you feel more comfortable with information presented after the appraisal as you will have the ability to discuss value with some education.

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