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Trade Process at the Store

Here is what you can expect when getting a trade/purchase value on your vehicle when visiting us here at Larry H. Miller Super Ford in Salt Lake City Utah.

Prior to Your Visit:

  1. Watch Super Ford TVs video 5 Tips to Get More $ for Your Trade. As some of the tips may require you to do a few things prior to your visit. Click Here for Video
  2. Set up an appointment with a Super Ford TV member, so as not to waste your time here at the dealership. Also, plan at least to spend at least 30 minutes at the dealership.
    Click here to schedule an appointment
  3. Get directions: Remember we are the Larry H. Miller Super Ford store in Salt Lake City on 1300 south.

At the Store:

  1. If you set up an appointment, as recommended above, please walk into the dealership and ask to speak to your Super Ford TV member. They will quickly greet you and begin your experience.
  2. Your Super Ford TV member will then walk out to the vehicle with you. They may ask you a few questions such as:
    1. Are you planning on trading or selling?
    2. Do you still owe money on the vehicle?
    3. Has the vehicle been in any accidents that you know of?
  3. Your Super Ford TV member will then walk around the vehicle with you and evaluate the condition and functionality of the vehicle. They will be looking for damage, tire life, if the AC works and so on.
  4. After this inspection is done your Super Ford TV member will pass the keys to our Used Car Manager who will complete a solo inspection of the car and will also drive the vehicle around the parking lot. At this time you can either browse our inventory with you Super Ford TV member or wait in our comfortable service waiting area and take advantage of some free beverages, Wi-Fi, children's play area, and more.
  5. Once the inspection is complete, your Super Ford TV member will present you with one to two offers. The first will be the vehicle's current trade value and the second will be an offer to purchase your vehicle. (Please know that some circumstances may arise that we may opt not to purchase). This offer will be good for 7 days and will be indicated on the sheets given to you.
  6. Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like and also feel free to ask to speak to a manager if needed. Remember this is your experience and you’re the person who makes the decision.

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